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Sports Wear

Cycling Uniforms

Code: BI-CU-1001

  • 100% High Quality.
  • Super soft and smooth, very light and very comfortable.
  • It dries fast, cools when hot and heats when cold.
  • Quickly absorb sweat, quickly evaporate sweat, comfortable and stylish to wear.
  • Stretch fabric, quick-drying and breathable. Four-dimensional stretch, unrestrained.
  • High-quality fabric- This bicycle short sleeve suit made of advanced breathable fabric,with excellent breathability and provides an effective high-wicking ability.
  • Microfiber Yarns with a soft feel.
  • Biycle shorts, half pants has a great moisture feature and a four-way performance stretch.
  • Comes with a 3D Foam padding inside to alleviate discomfort when active.


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